The first challenge: GRATITUDE

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Aloha Sunbeam 🌞

🌞The first challenge that I propose for you this week is to express and feel GRATITUDE as you wake up very consciously.

🌴As you wake up, take at least 5 minutes to do the following exercise: in the lotus position preferably or lying down, if it is easier for you, do 10 very deep breaths. Before each breath, think of something you can be grateful for today and inhale feeling that gratitude, then release the air smiling and thanking at the same time for having a new day of life, one more opportunity to materialize your dreams, to see, to hear, to smell, to feel, to love, to smile, to dance, to embrace, to laugh, to sing, to enjoy your loved ones … endless beautiful things!

At the end of the 10 breaths and thanks, repeat for 7 times:
“Thank you LIFE for this new and wonderful day, TODAY!”

🌞Integrate this in your life and you will begin to notice benefits immediately

🌴Every time you have a difficult moment in your day, repeat this exercise for a few minutes. If you still want to notice greater benefits, write down the acknowledgments in writing, from experience I tell you that, if you are constant and persevere, this type of exercise will change your life towards fullness.

And remember, never forget “TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR LIFE”. Nobody assures you that tomorrow you will be alive. HERE AND NOW, this moment is the only one that exists.

🌴 Share your experiences this week with me here, I’ll be happy to read and support you!

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With all my love
Love & Peace & Liberation💚
Cristina Sunlight🌞🌴🌞

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