Marta Álvarez Morán

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I want to start writing my first experience, my first encounter “with life” … which is since I started my first coaching session with Cristina Sunlight Vegan Heart. It was and it is an unforgettable experience, because from that day I found myself wanting to live, my psychic improvement, my nutrition improvement changed my lifestyle, I feel with a desire to live and eat the world for all the energy and strength that I feel …., with a state of mind that thanks to my conferences with Cristina overcame all my bad experiences … because every day the pain was diminishing until I feel at peace with life, …. with myself ….., I can not express here everything I feel and think … but say you thank you Cristina for everything you have given me back … what you make me see and feel … everything, is MIND AND BODY …., my great congratulations again and infinite thanks for helping me in this fight …. (translated from Spanish)