Testimonials – Success Stories

I want to start writing my first experience, my first encounter “with life” … which is since I started my first coaching session with Cristina Sunlight Vegan Heart. It was and it is an unforgettable experience, because from that day I found myself wanting to live, my psychic improvement, my nutrition improvement changed my lifestyle, I feel with a desire to live and eat the world for all the energy and strength that I feel …., with a state of mind that thanks to my conferences with Cristina overcame all my bad experiences … because every day the pain was diminishing until I feel at peace with life, …. with myself ….., I can not express here everything I feel and think … but say you thank you Cristina for everything you have given me back … what you make me see and feel … everything, is MIND AND BODY …., my great congratulations again and infinite thanks for helping me in this fight …. (translated from Spanish)

Marta Álvarez Morán Store-dependent. Asturias (Spain)

Since I started to eat a healthier and more natural diet I feel much better and more agile and overcome a cancer of a vocal cord. I consume much more fruit, legumes and cereals, I have eliminated cheese, which is the only thing I ingest from dairy products, I eat many less products of animal origin and walk a minimum of 10 km daily. (Translated from Spanish)

José Manuel Álvarez García Retired from the metallurgical sector, Asturias (Spain)

The benefits I noticed with the change of diet have been multiple, but the most notorious was the recovery of sight, my presbyopia is over, I do not use glasses at all since a year ago. The causes of this change were: tomatoes daily, spinach, carrots, mangoes, strawberries while the season lasts etc … Beta-carotenes are essential in my daily diet. I feel better since I do not eat meat, I’m almost vegetarian. I’m trying to become totally. (Translated from Spanish)

Generosa Fernández Vallina Retired - Healthcare Professional, Asturias (Spain)

I am always impressed with what passion, with an infinite heart and love you support me.
Your attractive charisma and unbelievably loving way, your tremendous knowledge, your tireless energy is remarkable and contagious.
I see myself as a difficult client , nevertheless you have never gave up to show me the right way.

Noteworthy is that your tireless support made my last blood control results above average.
As an ambitious competitive athlete (ice hockey & triathlon long distances) I feel the influence of a healthy diet & lifestyle in daily training.
I am so immensely grateful that I found you and thank you with all my heart

(Translated from German)

Markus Engler Release- und Testmanager, Zürich (Switzerland)

I have been fortunate to be able to personally thank Cristina for her advices during the time she was in Catalonia. Her quiet, calm, serene voice gives me a lot of peace and tranquility when I hear her, which helps me a lot in my moments of stress and apathy and also the vision in their videos, the places and moments chosen. On the other hand, following her nutritional advice, I also benefit my body by improving its metabolism and toning it. I appreciate your nutritional advice and videos of relaxation and encourage to those who read this to begin with her. Thanks, one hug. Ernest. (Translated from German)

Ernést Margalló Gusó Retired from Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Reus (Catalunya)

I still have to keep taking care of myself and get a little stronger. But do you know? I have climbed, I have done excursions and I have gone kayaking! Thanks to your advice and your help I feel alive again !!! (Translated from Spanish)


África Fernández Pérez Masseur - Natural therapist, Girona (Catalunya)

Yesterday I was in Girona at the doctor, until noon, and then I slept all afternoon, until today at 7 that I woke up. I had X-rays, Tac and a gastroscopy … and I have a wonderful news!!!!! My hiatal hernia, my barret esophagitis (pre-cancer according to the doctors) and most of the nodules I had in the curvature that connects the stomach with the intestine have disappeared !!!!! I’m not even believe it! It is necessary to know the biopsy of the nodules that have remained, which are very small in size !!!!! and my intestines that remain the same … but there are many changes in a short time !!! Thanks to you!!!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! (Translated from Spanish)

África Fernández Pérez Masseur, Girona (Catalunya)

I like to give you a testimonial, because thanks to your help I feel better than ever.
I live more consciously, eat more consciously and I am therefore healthier. Working with you has made me aware that every meal is a new decision. I lost 15 kilos and feel good in my body. Since I live Vegan, I’m almost never sick. I also care about the environment and animals and the people around me and I hope that many more people will switch to a natural lifestyle.

(Translated from German)

Evelyn Schlagenhauff Release- und Testmanager, Wallisellen (Switzerland)

A very good person …., very good nutritionist …., I never saw a nutritionist so healthy … so out of the system ….. so specialized in her work …., he listens to you … advises you …, makes you feel ….. hopefully you have a lot of success in your projects Cris, my congratulations and always forward …. (Translated from Spanish)

Claudia Pérez Anonymous data

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