Cristina Sunlight

 Cristina Sunlight presents herself reborning as the wonderful sun after a very difficult time, infinitely painful, with intense moments of despairation, despair, frustration, in which he almost lost faith, but in which, finally, he did not surrender to the adversities presented. Through its Natural Lifestyle", through the purest connection with nature and its elements, through a natural diet, ETHICAL one, a LIVE one, and in a very large part, through gratitude" , was that Cristina Sunlight remained with an infinite inexplicable force. The gratitude infinitely helped Cristina Sunlight to discover her mission in this life and that gratitude continues to drive and motivate Cristina Sunlight in an unlimited way to continue striving every day to be a better being, to be her Best Version, since being her Best Version, growing every day, thriving, learning, experimenting in her own skin, just like that, Cristina Sunlight will be able to share her light with you.

Cristina Sunlight is the result of many years of work, study, dedication, effort, devotion and the great passion that has always characterized her. Cristina Sunlight comes with a great inner fire, the fire of the sun, her element, with the ceaseless fire of her heart, a heart that beats for wanting to be part of the change, for wanting to generate consciousness, for wanting to infinitely contribute to leave the world better that she found it.
Cristina Sunlight lives absolutely committed for years to be of benefit to Mother Earth and ALL, absolutely ALL the beings that inhabit it promoting an ethical life, a life where beings are not damaged unnecessarily, a life of love and compassion, a life of respect, a life in harmony.
Cristina Sunlight began to be passionate for more than 20 years in the world of nutrition, deciding to make her passion a profession and discovering that food was simply another aspect to achieve excellent health, but not the only one. So she continued, and continue its formation without pause, experiencing every detail of what she learned, in the rest of relevant areas of life to obtain a TRUE NATURAL FULL HEALTH. It is her Natural Lifestyle" that made her experience what it really means to be healthy, to be healed of diseases and ailments that most people considere normal, is ... her Natural Lifestyle" which makes her to feel better that 20 years ago, better than in her adolescence, is ... her "Natural Lifestyle" that she wants to share with you so that YOU can also feel healthy and alive, happy and with the strength to make your dreams come true. Her own experience has revealed her, confirmed, and confirms again and again the importance of balancing all those areas involved to reach that fullness, that BEST VERSION of yourself. That is why her coaching is a coaching of integral health of lifestyle, a coaching that involves not only the nutririon, but also the rest of the areas that can make you live a happy, vibrant life, with an excellent health and develop your maximum potential. Body - Mind - Soul
Cristina Sunlight walks incessantly towards the realization of her dreams, Cristina Sunlight lives making them come true, and wants you to do the same.
Her mission is to be able to share, accompany you, impel you with her knowledge, her experience and above all with HER GREAT PASSION, HER FIRE!
t does not matter at the point where you are, your startpoint, no matter what situations you have lived, the only thing that matters is your desire to change, your desire to grow, your desire to live the life you have always dreamed of. The most difficult and painful situations are those that strengthen us, so I invite you to thank life, to thank every minute, because with total security I dare to say that there are plenty of big and small things that you can be thankful. And that gratitude will work miracles in your life.
With great love, gratitude and many Rays of Sun
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