Costa Rica Detox – Health Retreat

Detox & Health Retreat 

Body & Mind & Soul (Personalized, only you and me!)

(Healthy and Ethical Food, Meditation, Yoga, Natural Lifestyle) Transformation & Healing & Adventure


Begin to shine without clouds in the most beautiful and healing place I have ever known, Costa Rica! Discover your unlimited potential!

(“One to One” coaching all included, only one participant, YOU are the protagonist of this story, yours, and I will be your guide in your process)

Become your BEST VERSION, reach your greatest potential!

This intensive training will give you the tools and will give you the opportunity to become your BEST VERSION, being your own personal lifestyle trainer.

Together we will spend 5-7 days in which we will tune in and live a week of COMPLETE DETOX of your body, mind and soul in pure connection with nature and under a “Natural Lifestyle”.

The initial consultation and all registration formalities take place in writing and by telephone or Internet (Skype). The trip will be done independently and on your own. The personal pick-up service at the airport is included.

The days of retirement will be determined under the concept of “Sunlight Natural Lifestyle”, (conscious and ethical lifestyle in which all areas of life that are relevant to achieve optimal physical health as well as a balanced mental state are going to be analyzed.

We will mainly practice and experience together in a private environment and in nature. We will return to our roots, to the natural, to the reconnection with the elements, to experiment with our senses, to listen to our body.

It will be a week to detoxify both your body and your toxic emotions. A week in which the basis of your diet will be the wonderful ripe juicy fruits,full of vital energy that in turn will promote an optimal state to raise awareness, to identify toxic emotions, to learn to let go, to let go.

At the spiritual level we will work on self-esteem, on acceptance, on forgiveness, on unconditional love.

Intensive Natural Lifestyle Training “Get Your Best Version” includes learning, training and internalizing special techniques (Food, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Consciousness, Awakening).


(*** Possible modifications according to personal requirements)


Your training begins with the opening of your eyes.

The first positive thoughts that I will suggest and that you will formulate will guide you through a little introspection in a conscious day.


Before having breakfast together, a Morning Ritual will be held that will include conscious breaths, movement – exercise – easy meditative yoga – meditations.


Together we will prepare and enjoy breakfast of Mono-Frutas and / or Smoothies “Detox Sunlight” and we will do it in a totally conscious – present way and guided by gratitude. Basic technique to develop during your stay that has the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

After this small breakfast ceremony, we will have a work session & coaching – individual session.


We will enjoy our lunch “Detox Sunlight” with Mono-Frutas or Frutas Compatibles and / or Smoothie followed by a small nap (with guided meditation)


Then we will practice the conscious perception that we will experience in different activities (Meditative walks in nature, experimentation with the senses and connection with the elements).


We will enjoy our “Detox Sunlight” dinner with Mono-Fruit or compatible fruits followed by Nutritious Detoxifying Salad.


After dinner there will be more work sessions and / or individual exercises (meditation, movies, audiobooks, homework) and reflection on what is experienced.


The diurnal design is individual and depends on your personal progress.

Regular breaks support the success of the process by ensuring that trainees can sit down and integrate.

A free day and / or afternoon is possible upon request.



Transforming your body from the inside

Through a natural diet based on plants, alive, energetic, full of sunlight and high vibration.
Providing to each of the cells of your body the most nutritious and powerful FOOD that nature offers us.
Feeding your temple with living foods, full of color, aroma, light, love of Mother Earth.
Transforming your body from the outside
 Through physical activity, the movement, programmed or
spontaneous dance of your body so that you feel vibrating, connecting, finding activities that make you draw a smile on your face while maintaining your body physically fit, taking advantage of every moment to activate your organism, your sacred temple … that which wears out severely if it is not used or done inappropriately.
“Dance to the sun, dance under the moon, under the stars of a clear night, under the clouds that end in rain, enjoy their drops … and do it feeling, do it dreaming, do it without caring if someone may be watching you”.
Renewing your Mind – Developing your Self-esteem

Working with limiting thoughts that disturb you, that take away your sleep, that rob your peace…, striving to free yourself from attachments, from fears that control and paralyze you, learning to forgive as a basic step for your healing.

Working with the acceptance of the past, of everything that you can not change.

Developing a healthy self-esteem, discovering your essence, beginning to be yourself, accepting and loving you unconditionally as you are, without criticizing or judging yourself or the others, leaving behind what they will say and laughing at yourself.


“Only if you are able to truly love yourself can you give the purest and most genuine love to those around you”.

Discovering your Passions – Making your dreams come true

Freeing yourself, freeing your mind of prejudices and letting you come out, remembering you and / or discovering what you truly love, what really makes you feel alive, what makes you vibrate, what makes you smile, what your heart and your soul love, what you are passionate about doing, what motivates you!

Only like this … Discovering it … only then you can make it real, only then you can manifest it! This is how you will develop that creativity that seemed hidden, “doing what you love your life will become a constant creation.”

Discover it, strive and LIVE IT. Your reward will come sooner or later whenever you strive to make it REAL!

“Persistence is the key to making any of your dreams come true, adversities strengthen you … the goal is your own path”.

“Never give up, never stop persisting, to work to make your dreams come true, do not stop following your heart”.


Raising your Consciousness – Connecting with Mother Earth

Through the purest and most absolute connection with nature, with our “Mother Earth” with all the elements, through connecting with each and every one of our senses. By means of stoping to observe a bird flying, of stoping to smell a flower that you find, through giving us a time to hear the roar of the leaves without more, through delighting us caressing a dog you see on your way, through getting “drunk” savoring a fruit at the beach…
Living, focusing on the present moment, enjoying the now, that moment that seems to be eternal but lasts a second, that moment that will never return …
Filling you up with gratitude for life and learning to express it at every moment, integrating it into your life, engraving it on your skin. Enjoying moments of silence and solitude, meditation and connection.
“This connection will open the doors of the infinite and will awaken you to an unknown world in which you will not want anymore take partake of in the destruction of Mother Earth neither any kind of sentient being around you. It is time to do your best to preserve life and help any being as much as you can.
Eliminating your self-destructive habits and developing those that will make you shine. 
Discovering and becoming aware of your repetitive self-destructive actions, those that take you away from your goals, leaving them behind, eliminating what does not allow you to achieve your dreams, which makes you feel in a continuous sense of failure …

Generating, developing, establishing and reinforcing new habits that will make you start to smile, that will make every day, step by step, you to get closer to that you have always dreamed, to live doing what you love, to have a body in shape and healthy, to get along with your fears without being paralyzed, to be at peace with yourself, to love every part of you and to be authentic.
“No matter your starting point, the important thing is where you are going today, the past is to learn from the experience and thus be able to evolve, the future does not exist, TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life, NOW YOU ARE ALIVE, tomorrow maybe not … “Life does not wait, LIVE IT!


Costa Rica is a Central American country, well known for its exuberant flora and fauna, with more than 500,000 species living in this small country and close to 6% of the planet’s biodiversity. Its small territory gives you beautiful landscapes, rivers of clear water, waterfalls, lagoons, beautiful beaches, green mountains, humble and cheerful people and a very diverse culture framed by the phrase “Pura Vida” (Pure Life)!

Considered one of the happiest countries in the world, it is also a country that offers peace, and security. In Costa Rica its people live quietly. Since 1948 the country enjoys the tranquility of living without an army of armed forces. In this way, Costa Ricans enjoy the “pure life” feeling that the absence of wars and armed conflicts gives.

The climate of Costa Rica is perfect with average temperatures that hover around 22 and 27 ° C throughout the year. The landscapes, sunrises and sunsets here will surely become the best images that your eyes will capture when staying a few days in the country. They are incredible! You will definitely be impressed with the natural beauty of Costa Rica!


Located high in the mountains of the South Pacific of Costa Rica, this house offers stunning sunrises, a beautiful river and ponds, the sound of tropical birds and howler monkeys, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Walking to the top of the mountain you can admire the breathtaking views of the ocean, and walking to the river you can enjoy refreshing baths while you will delight yourself with sounds, aromas, and colors that will nourish all your senses. You can also enjoy the hot tub of wood fire in the place, if so requested by your body.

Simplicidad – Paz Interior


Available dates

  • ***  5 nights Retreat: from April 19 to 24, 2019 (¡upon request!)
  • *** 5 nights Retreat from April 26 to May 01, 2019 (upon request!) 
  • *** 5 nights Retreat from 03 – 08. May 2019 (¡upon request!)
  • *** 5 nights Retreat from 10 – 15. May 2019 (¡upon request!)
  • *** 5 nights Retreat from 17 – 22. May 2019 (¡upon request!)


  • If you are interested in any other date, just let me know in case I can fix it for you. 


How to get there

The arrival and departure of the island is on your own. There are flights available from any international airport where you are.
The transfer from the airport to the place of retreat is included in the price.

Check flight availability at:



Intensive daily exchange. (Talks, coaching sessions, practices, Body, Mind and Soul Detox).

Conscious days and leisure activities.
Intensive training with daily analysis and comments
Intensive support to live your balance, begin to experience your BEST VERSION, create every day a BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF in everyday life
Coaching adapted to your needs and desires.
Follow-up on request.




Training, intensive and PERSONALIZED COACHING of 5 nights accommodation in a beautiful natural house (own room with double bed)
3 Conscious Foods, Life Raw Vegan Food, Natural and full of Light and Love (water included)

Pick up service to and from the airport.

I look forward with great interest and joy to an intensive and conscious cooperation on your part and I give you a warm welcome to start experiencing YOUR BEST VERSION!



 1.999,- EUR* (For Exclusive 1 Person Coaching)
 1.499,- EUR* (Price per person for Coaching retreat for 2 people (couple or friend)

* The arrival and departure of the island is on your own.

Limited places! Ask me for dates and additional information if you are interested in starting to make a positive radical change to your life


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