Imperfection … the most beautiful perfection

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Do you really want to be perfect?

Imperfection is the most beautiful perfection that exists.

Do not look for perfection, you will never achieve it, simply give the best that is in your heart every day and learn from your mistakes.


Aloha Bright Sunbeam <3

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for being on the other side of the screen, dedicating your valuable time to reading me, thanks from my heart and I hope that my words can inspire you in some way or another, it is my greatest desire and motivation when writing.

Today I want to talk to you about perfection, that concept to which we have all been subjected from very early on. We are being constantly compared with everything, they dictate rules to us, we are being judged constantly, they make us be, in some way or another, slaves of constant demonstrations in order to feel important, loved and approved.

But why have I decided to write about this topic? What does this issue have to do with nutrition and the natural and healthy lifestyle that I try to spread?

Well, I answer by parts. First of all, the motivation to write about perfection has been given to me by a person I recently met with comments about having a certain issue dominated or not, as if that were the most important thing to be able to move forward.

And what does this have to do with having a healthy lifestyle?

Well, it has a lot, a lot to do with it. One of the basic parts to be happy and live in harmony and healthy, is precisely to love yourself, with its virtues and its “defects”, because there is nothing more beautiful than being imperfect. And who is perfect? Nobody or anything, it is all relative, and in the case of existing, it is ephemeral.

When we accept ourselves and love ourselves as we are today, we are able to move forward, to grow, to laugh at our mistakes and learn from them, to be ourselves without fear of being judged, to evolve.

However, if we seek perfection to undertake any task in our lives, we will stagnate, because we will never see the results we are looking for, we will always find some fault, something that does not work as you want … and we will postpone the activity whatever it may be.

Then come the frustrations, the guilt, the fear, the envy, the anger with oneself, the rejection, as well as other negative thoughts that invade our mind making us feel sad and insecure and, in many cases, developing depressions of lesser or greater repercussion . That will influence any area of ​​our lives in a negative way, and make us sick. The love of oneself in a key piece to achieve perfect health. We can feed ourselves healthy but if we mistreat ourselves psychically we will be seriously harming ourselves. And from there will develop a chain reaction that will affect each and every one of the areas of your life.

Do you understand now why I wanted to write about it?

Now beautiful Sunbeam, I want to send you my support and encourage you to fight for your dreams and not let yourself be influenced by negative comments from other people. Put distance from them and decide to BE YOURSELF and to shine like the Sunbeam that you are.

Some tips & advice that help me and I hope they can help you too. From the heart <3

-Laugh about your failures, your mistakes, learn from them and do not punish or justify yourself for your actions. Evolve simply.

-Anything you do, do it with your heart <3. If it really comes from the heart, it will be something beautiful and enriching.

-The people who really love you and respect you, they do it for who you are and do not look for your faults or make fun of you.

-Do not seek the approval of anyone, whatever you do there will always be someone who criticizes you and someone who loves you. Love yourself and miracles will occur. You do not need to show ANYTHING to ANYONE!

-It is more important “how to say” than “what is said”! Say it with your heart!

– Surround yourself with people who really love you and accept you for what you are, because YOU are totally unique and special.

– Love yourself enough, so that no act or malicious comment affects you. Do not mock or belittle anyone, either. Nobody deserves to be underestimated. Do not mock others if you do not want others to mock you. At the same time, have fun, laugh at everything, especially about yourself as long as you do it with love. If you are able to laugh at yourself, no one can mock you in a bad way … because you simply will not care 🙂

-Find the positive points of things or people, there is always something positive in something negative!

-If you have nothing good to say, do not say anything, unless you are asked. Only then make your comment, but do it with sensitivity and respect, constructive criticism helps us to evolve as a human being.

-Don’t wait to be perfect, you never will be!

– Be yourself, because you are unique and wonderful!

PERSISTS in what you want, YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING YOU PROPOSE TO GET! But it does not come without effort… you have to work hard to get it!

Have you noticed the fruits of the photos? Do not you find them incredibly pretty? Maybe for most of society it may be imperfect … for me it just is wonderful, as much as you. Thanks for reading <3

Love & Peace
Cristina Sunlight

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